August 19th, 2013

Transitioning to Jekyll

Please pardon the mess while I transition to Jekyll and rebrand from statichippo to hackerhasid

I haven't blogged in quite a while and I found the blogging software to be my main hurdle. I'm hoping that by using Jekyll, by being able to write wherever I am, in a regular text editor, in markdown (which is basically how my mind thinks of markup at this point), I'll get back into blogging regularly.

You might be wondering why I'm retiring my statichippo handle and moving things over to hackerhasid instead (basically everywhere - not just this blog but on linkedin, twitter, github, etc). Basically:

  • Nobody knows what statichippo means (in fact while it has a cute backstory it means very little) - hackerhasid on the other hand is fairly straightforward
  • People seemed to have a hard time pronouncing and spelling statichippo (is stat-i-chippo italian?)

Anyway, like I said, sorry for the mess. I hope to have this place a little more put together in the not-too-distant future!